My name is Jrene Zürcher and I am originally from Switzerland. I am a qualified SSI AOWI and PADI OWSI dive instructor and have dived in Bali since 11 years. I would call myself a world traveller that has finally come to rest. I got to know Padang Bai 15 years ago and stayed for five years, then returned to Switzerland. The dream of make a living from diving stayed with me through working in Switzerland (no way to realize my dream there – no oceans!), so I returned to Padang Bai and started my own dive business.

Bali with its incredible diverse coral reefs is such a great place to dive and I really would like to show you all my favourite dive sites and share with you my love for the creatures living underwater! Because even after living and diving here for several years I still have these “THIS I’ve never seen” moments!

I am back here in Padang Bai since 8 years and I feel confident in having put my ideas of environmental oriented diving into practice and I am looking forward to diving with you.