The average temperature in Bali is about 30 ° C with high humidity. Especially in the dry season due to wind this might rather feel cool. Rainy season is from November to March with most rainfall in February and March.




To enter Indonesia your passport must be valid for at least 6 months and you need an Indonesian visa. The 30 days visa can be bought for US$ 25 when entering the country at Denpasar airport. An extension of the visa is not possible! If your holidays exceed 30 days, you need a return flight and have to apply for a longer visa at the Indonesian embassy of your country




The Indonesian currency is Rupiah. The best exchange rates are available for cash. At ATM you can get up to 5,000,000 rupiah per day if you have a Master or Visa or some other cash cards which bear the Maestro-/Cirrus-sign

1 Euro ca. 13500  
1 US$ ca. 9300 Warning: No CB series and notes that are older than 2001!
1 CHF ca.  9100  

Nobody will accept torn, dirty or notes with hand writing on them. Keep your hands off from small shops which seem to have great exchange rates; here you will definitely get ripped off!




Consider bringing a small first-aid kit with you. For medical emergencies, there are some good hospitals in Bali. It is of advantage to have a health insurance that also covers accident or medical problems in foreign countries.




Bali remains a safe travel destination. Throughout the world you should anyway follow the saying: act with common sense!